Duty of Care

Safely travel during the coronavirus epidemic

An alternative way to travel and limit your exposure

Like me, I’m sure you are inundated by coronavirus information, innuendo, rumor and data.  

Although this note is about traveling and keeping your exposure to a minimum, it is not just another coronavirus note telling you not to panic.

I’ve been around a long, long time. I recall with great clarity discussions with customers who were hesitant to get on an airplane in the fall of 2001. While the reasons have changed from safety to health, we are in a similar space. We rely on safe travel. We are used to safe travel. Above all, we need safe travel.

I need to be careful here; I could be seen as a profiteer. I am not; I am a lover of healthy customers that are living their best life.

If you are hesitant to put yourself in a high-density place like an airplane, you are neither alone nor paranoid. There are good reasons to reduce the risk when and where you can. One of the places you may be able to mitigate your risk is in regional travel. If your destination is within 500 miles of Cleveland, consider doing it in a crowd of two, you and your chauffeur.

Unlike the mass carriers (Airlines, Greyhound, UBER and Lyft), we see every vehicle and every Chauffeur every day. Unlike a rideshare driver that judges whether to go to work based on their wallet, our chauffeurs are employees. If a chauffeur reports to work and is ill, he or she is sent home until they are asymptomatic. When a vehicle comes back to the garage, it is sanitized by our detailer.

The larger message is that if you are concerned about being in a crowd but need to get to that meeting in Chicago, there is an alternative. You can be picked up at your front door in a vehicle that has been sanitized, being driven by a chauffeur who is not ill, has washed hands and a clean suit, and dropped off at your meeting place. As a benefit, you’ll miss all of the people at in the outbound security line at Hopkins, all of the TSA bins and buckets, the tray table and armrests, all of the people on your plane, the flight crew that has come into contact with hundreds of people on that day alone and all of the people milling about O’Hare when you would have arrived.

In closing, the show must go on and we’re here to help you direct it.


What Chauffered Ground Travel Offers You:


Besides limiting your risks of exposure to the coronavirus while traveling, you can also benefit from many other factors when using chauffeured ground travel as your primary source of transportation.  In addition to deep cleaning our vehicles daily, they will be highly cleaned in between each passenger.

Your safety has always been our top concern, so from deluxe chauffeur training to knowledgable travel managers and highly maintained vehicles, we've been looking out for our customers for over 25 years. 

Common Destinations

Company Car's Plan of Action

Our customers’ safety has always been a top concern of ours. During this time while coronavirus has all travelers worried, we've taken extra steps to ensure your safety.

  • All vehicles will be additionally sanitized before and after each passenger.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for all passengers.
  • Newspapers and bottles of water will only be available per request then discarded after each passenger.
  • Our detailing department will provide a deep cleaning of each vehicle at the end of each day. We are using additional sterilizing products to ensure your risk of exposure.
  • Chauffeurs will be assessed upon arrival of their shift, and anyone that has a cough, temperature, or signs of illness will be sent home for the day.
  • Our dispatch desk and office area will be deep cleaned and sterilized daily.
  • Lysol wipes will be provided to clean luggage for any airport reservations.

Interested in information on using Chauffeured Ground Travel for your next trip? 

Contact one of our travel managers to discuss chauffeured ground travel options to location both locally and across the United States. Planning a meeting or event in another city? Our globally reservations team can help you with that too.