Leisure Travel

Memories start at the beginning. If you have planned a romantic weekend away with your partner or a family trip to Disneyland, our role is for you to start your trip with a wide smile on your face. That smile is too important to trust with your neighbor.

You want flowers in the car? No problem. Want us to not tell the passengers where they are going? We are delighted to oblige. Want one black coffee and one with cream? Just ask. We’re here to provide the smiles; you provide the destination.

Airport Car Service

Let Company Car & Limousine take care of the fine details regarding your leisure travel excursion. If you are traveling somewhere far & you need a ride to the airport, we offer an airport limo car service. We will safely stow your luggage away in our limousine so that you can enjoy your leisure travel to the airport. Sit back, relax, & enjoy the calm luxurious ride.

Ground Transportation

Not going anywhere out of town? We offer ground transportation as well. Plan a weekend getaway around our limousine ground transportation with your loved one. Experience all that downtown Cleveland has to offer through our car service. We can tailor your ride to ensure it's just the way you like it. Want champagne in-ride? We can do that. Want the lights turned down? We can do that, too. Don't hesitate to contact us today to schedule your leisure travel venture today!