Regional Ground Transportation for Cleveland, OH

Travel can be complex at times. It’s not always as simple as going to the airport. Sometimes there are multiple destinations in a day. Sometimes there are documents or samples, sometimes there are multiple people that need to meet, and sometimes it doesn’t make sense to fly to Columbus via Chicago. Company Car and Limousine has a solution for much of it.

Company Car is an expert in regional ground transportation, whether it is a transfer to a meeting in Cincinnati or a day of meetings all over the Midwest. We’ve done the work to make your day productive, time efficient, and affordable. Ride and work, confer, plan, or get rested for your presentation. Don’t worry, we’ll do the driving while you get prepared. For more information about our corporate car service or ground transportation, we invite you to contact our team today!

How Professional Ground Transportation Can Benefit You

There are many ways to travel; the method you choose will depend on your schedule, preferences, and security needs. Company Car & Limousine offers comprehensive, safe, and reliable services for corporate customers throughout the Cleveland, OH region. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with hiring our company: 

  • Convenience: Trying to secure a ride in Cleveland to attend a corporate event can be less than straightforward. If you choose our ground transportation company, you don’t have to worry about navigating public transportation or gamble on whether a taxi or ride share service will be available. Simply schedule your pickup in advance and rest easy that we will be there to pick you up. Our goal is to get you to your destination as efficiently as possible without sacrificing safety. 
  • Safety: Professional ground transportation services take your safety and security seriously. All of our drivers are properly licensed and trained to provide the level of road safety you would expect from a premium company. We make sure that our vehicles are always clean, sanitized, and properly maintained to minimize risk. 
  • Privacy: Your safety doesn’t end at your vehicle’s operating status or cleanliness. Our ground transportation company maintains strict privacy standards to keep your information secure while you travel with us. We prioritize discretion and will keep all information confidential. 
  • Comfort: When you ride with Company Car & Limousine, you can expect a world-class experience. Unlike other ground transportation companies, we specialize in customer support and include all possible luxuries during the course of your ride. 

No matter where your destination might be, rest assured that the team at Company Car & Limousine will get you there. We offer reliable ground transportation services throughout the Cleveland region. Contact us today to learn more!

If your travels take you far and wide, Company Car is here for you.

It takes a team… a team that starts with a reservations counselor who is knowledgeable about our region, times, distances, and fleet vehicle selection and who can help you make the right travel choice for your schedule. Your reservation will travel to our dispatch people, who will ensure on-time performance while keeping your specific needs, wants, desires, and vehicle choice at the forefront. A computer-dispatched chauffeur will arrive in the vehicle type of your choice at the door you request at the time you request with the routing information you have selected to ensure that your day is as productive as it can be. Is the team done? No. You’ll get your receipt on the next business day.

Flying isn’t always the least expensive way...

Airline mergers and reductions in destinations have made air travel expensive. There was a day when one could fly direct to Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis but those days left with Continental Airlines. Today, to get to Columbus, you will be routed through Washington, New York, or Chicago, all of which are airports that most people want to avoid when possible. The door-to-door air travel time including TSA, layovers, and baggage claim could be as much as 8 hours. Company Car can pick you up at your front door, deliver you to a four-hour meeting in downtown Columbus and have you back in your office in the same amount of time.

Ground transportation made simple.

For years, our qualified drivers have continued to assist clients throughout Cleveland, OH and all the surrounding communities. The next time you're in need of reliable ground transportation services, don't think twice. Simply reach out to one of the knowledgeable representatives at Company Car & Limousine. Give us a call today at (216) 861-7433 or make your reservation online. One of our team members is constantly standing by to provide support.