The Travelers Guide to Coronavirus

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June 26, 2020
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June 26, 2020

Making your health safety a priority. 

With the Coronavirus on everyone’s mind, I thought I should chime in… You’ll be happy to know that it’s business as usual at Company Car.

What we’re doing today isn’t new; we’ve been responsible for protecting your health for 25 years. Coronavirus is the one that everyone is currently concerned with but doing things that reduce the health risk of being in high density places is hardly new to us.
It has been said that an airplane is but a tube full of recycled air that is shared by all… While this thought seems to be more urban legend than fact, it’s still a scary world out there. According to the International Air Transport Association, your chances of being infected by anyone in an airplane are about the same as any other high-density area like stadiums, restaurants, theaters and the like. All that said, we live and have lived in the same world that you do. 
To us, your safety is the highest priority. While the link between brakes, tires, maintenance and your safety is obvious, it doesn’t end there. Your safety extends well past mechanical to the human. When riding with us, you are being driven by a certified professional that has been through PAX Chauffeur training and the Smith System driving safety school. In addition to being covered by covered by millions of dollars of insurance coverage and riding in a professionally inspected vehicle, your Chauffeur has the authority to take a car off the road if he or she thinks that something has mechanically changed.  
One thing you likely don’t know is that we employ a professional detailer that sees every vehicle multiple times each week. Chris Ard is a wizard at keeping things looking good but he too is a partner in your health and safety. Chris came to us from a detailing business in Virginia and is a pros pro. Chris uses cleaners that are both environmentally sensitive and anti-bacterial and always has. It’s part of being a good citizen with high moral character but more importantly, it’s about loving customers.
Yes, Coronavirus is on our minds today, but our behavior hasn’t changed because of it. We’ve done our level best to keep you free of everything from the common cold to bed bugs for 25 years. Relax, we’re on your health and safety team. All of us. Even “Disinfectant” Chris.

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