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June 26, 2020
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June 26, 2020

I’m Tall and I come from tall stock. 

In the fall of 1958, my parents negotiated what the name of the new addition to The Qua family would be. The biggest fear of my six-foot-tall soon to be mom and my six foot four soon to be father was that I would be a girl who would have to spend her life wishing she wasn’t twice the height of her classmates. Fortunately, on a cold November morning, they welcomed a ten-pound baby boy; me. 

I’ll never complain about my height. It has brought me opportunities and notoriety I never would have had. I’ve had the pleasure of playing intercollegiate basketball, I get noticed in a crowd and people remember me. As an added bonus, I have a superpower. If we were together in a crowd and you’d lost your spouse, I can see over the top and have you back to being a couple in no time.   
All that said, height is not without its challenges. Sitting next to me in a theater isn’t pleasant; my legs go everywhere. I don’t test drive cars; I try them on like pants. Forget the cute little convertibles; I’d have to be dropped in with a crane from above. Airplanes? Torture. 
I share this because I feel strongly that I am responsible for my own comfort. If the world doesn’t fit, I make adjustments. I duck going through doors, buy exit row airplane seats, I drive a big American car, buy larger furniture and have a tall desk. I’m responsible. 
As I’ve aged, I’ve realized that comfort is not only physical but it’s emotional as well. If I’m traveling and, in a car, am I safe? If there is a problem, can I get out? Is the person driving trained? Is the vehicle inspected and maintained? When I buy vehicles for our company, I buy them for me and my family. If I can find comfort in them, I am certain that you will as well. I buy micro buses and vans that I can stand up in, Long wheelbase SUV’s and big cars. When it comes to our fleet, I’m responsible. 
I have found great comfort in a Company Car. They’re big with an abundance of leg, head and hip room. They are driven by highly trained professionals that have been through Chauffeuring school and Smith System safety training. I can stretch out, read the paper, enjoy a cup of coffee or put my head back and take a nap. 
Join the Qua’s in the back seat… There’s plenty of room. You too can be comfortable enough to take a nap.

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